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General Legal Index Links

CataLaw This resource arranges all legal and government indexes on the 'net into a single, simple, intuitive metaindex.

Canadian Virtual Library An index of the different fields of law (corporate, criminal, family etc.) with links to information on each.

The Law Museum

Bill's Law Library A comprehensive set of links encompassing all aspects of the field of law.

CanLaw Resources An extensive list of links categorized into Universities, Associations, Companies and Consultants.

Law NOTES Canadian Legal Resources

LawInfo Page

Index of Canadian federal and provincial legislation

OSgoode Hall Law School - Law Journals

Government Links

Government of Canada: Government of Canada's primary site, with links to other government departments and agencies.

Government Organizational Chart: A very useful graphical presentation outlining the structure of the Canadian government. One can simply click within the box containing the text representing the web site they wish to visit.

Parliament of Canada: Parliament of Canada's primary site.

Canada Privy Council Office: Glossary of terms.

BNA Act, organized by section.

The Constitution Act, 1867, presented as a single document.

The Constitution Act, 1982, presented as a single document.

Federal Statutes - Stable URL Links: The Department of Justice of Canada provides this search engine which lists all federal acts by alphabetical order.

Provincial Statutes - Stable URL Links: The Ontario Legislature provides this search engine which lists all provincial acts by alphabetical order.

The Criminal Code of Canada.

Law Commission of Canada: The mission of the Law Commission of Canada is to engage Canadians in the renewal of the law to ensure that it is relevant, responsive, effective, equally accessible to all, and just.

National Library of Canada

Intergovernmental Information Kiosk The InterGov site is provided to you by the Canadian Governments On-Line (CGOL) initiative, a joint project of the federal, provincial and territorial, and several municipal governments across Canada.

Statistics Canada Statistics Canada is the country's national statistical agency, with programs organized into three broad subject matter areas: demographic and social, socio-economic and economic.

Ontario Attorney General The Ministry of the Attorney General is responsible for providing a fair and accessible justice system which reflects the needs of the diverse communities it serves across government and the province.

Publications Ontario The Queen's Printer, with links to government publications on the net.

Solicitor General of Ontario Honourable Charles A. Harnick , Attorney General

Department of Justice The mission of the Department of Justice is to: 1) support the Minister of Justice in working to ensure that Canada is a just and law-abiding society with an accessible, efficient and fair system of justice; 2) provide high-quality legal services and counsel to the government and to client departments and agencies; and 3) promote respect for rights and freedoms, the law and the Constitution.

Department of the Solicitor General of Canada The Department is part of the Ministry of the Solicitor General, which is responsible for the federal government's role in the protection of the public and the maintenance of a just, peaceful and safe society.

Ontario Provincial Police

Ontario Legislative Assembly On this web site you will find legislative documents and information provided to assist you in keeping up-to-date with the business of the Ontario Legislature.

Status of Ontario Legislation An indexed listing of all the Goverment Bills, Private Members' Public Bills and Private Bills introduced in the Ontario Legislature during the current session.

The Hansard The official reporting service for the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

Ontario Ministries and Agencies A comprehensive index of official Ontario Government web sites.

Correctional Services Canada The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) administers the sentences of offenders sentenced to imprisonment for two years or more.

Correctional Services Canada, basic facts

National Parole Board The Board exercises exclusive authority over parole and other types of conditional release of federal offenders (i.e., offenders serving a sentence of two years or more) and over parole of provincial offenders (i.e., offenders serving a sentence of less than two years) in those provinces and territories without their own parole boards.

Canadian Human Rights Commission The Canadian Human Rights Commission has three main objectives: 1) to promote knowledge of human rights in Canada and to encourage people to follow principles of equality; 2) to provide effective and timely means for resolving individual complaints; and 3) to help reduce barriers to equality in employment and access to services.

Ontario Human Rights Commission

Human Resources Development Canada

Ontario Minimum Wage

Labour Canada - National Site

National Crime Prevention Centre, presented by the Canadian Department of Justice.

Supreme Court of Canada Contains historical information about the Supreme Court, information about the judges of the Supreme Court, and some recent rulings from the Supreme Court.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police The RCMP is Canada's national police service, providing law enforcement services in detachments across the country.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service CSIS is dedicated to the protection of Canada's national security interests and the safety of Canadians.

The Canadian Criminal Code , courtesy the Department of Justice, Canada.

Charter Cases Decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada relative to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Privately Established Links

Duhaime and Company, An incredible private web site exploring Canadian law. Established by a Canadian law firm.

Canadian Criminal Justice Association, a membership organization dedicated to the improvement of the criminal justice system in Canada.

firstlinelaw.com The first place to come for information about Canadian criminal law.

Defence.Com This is the homepage of Canadian criminal justice from the perspective of the defence. The resources available here are intended as a resource for the use of other legal professionals and the general public.

Jurist Canada a clearinghouse of academically-authored and other quality-controlled Canadian legal resources provided for the convenience of Canadian law teachers, law students, lawyers and members of the public.

The Canadian Legal Information Centre Information centre for Canadian legal information on the web.

The Law Society of Upper Canada exists to govern the legal profession in the public interest.

OSgoode Hall Law School

Crimes, Courts, and Consequences An excellent resource outlining crimes and punishment, arrest and conviction procedures, as well as the consequences of crime.

Canoe - Crime and Punishment.

The Law Connection.

Cop Net.

The Canadian Legal Dictionary

Canadian Court Decisions & Legislation Subdirectory of the Canadian Legal Infoormation Centre.

The World History of Law Chronologically shows the development of law and the key events that transformed it into what it is today.

The United Nations The official United Nations web site.

Canadian Judicial Council. Established to "promote efficiency and uniformity, and to improve the quality of judicial service in superior courts and in the Tax Court of Canad

Access to Justice Network (ACJNet) opens doors to legislation, people and organizations, publications, databases and discussion forums on justice and legal issues.

The Legal Dictionary An alphabetized listing of important legal terms.

Criminal Code of Canada Indexed by Part and Section, courtesy McMaster University

Canada's Court System An index of links to Canada's system of courts.

Canadian Constitutional Documents Provides a brief explanation of all significant Acts in relation to the Constitution with links to each.

International Law Categorizes types of international law.

GunInfo Page The Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center maintains this site for researchers, policy makers, educators, advocates and others interested in finding information to address the public's concern over gun-related injuries and deaths.

Special Link Collections and Databases

Young Offenders - Link Collection

Euthanasia - Link Collection

Criminal Code Penalties - Database

Special Forms of Tort Liability - Database

Case Library

H.T.S. Law School - Academic Guides


How to Write Law Exams

How to "Brief" a Case

Report writing resources

Web Resource Evaluation

H.T.S. Law School - Citation Guides

Chicago Citation Guide, with Parenthetical Citation

Examples of Parenthetical Citation within Text

MLA Bibliographic Citation Guide

Guide for Citing Electronic Information from the Sarah Byrd Askew Library.

Samford University Library Index of Guides

News Services

The Toronto Star

The Globe and Mail

The Toronto Sun


The Era Banner

The Financial Post

CANOE. A tremendous online source of up-to-the-minute information.

  • Time Magazine,

  • Reason Magazine and

  • MacLeans Magazine

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