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Business 1W
Course Overview

Course Description:

In modern Canadian society, it has become critical that every student be provided with the skills necessary to interact successfully with the various parts of our economy. Thus, the grade 9 Introduction to Business course seeks not only to explore the increasingly important role which business plays in Canada, but to provide students with opportunities to explore a variety of possible careers within business, as well as to develop their own basic consumer skills. The course is intended, therefor, to encourage the student to think seriously about jobs, money, and ethics, as well as consuming. Emphasis will be placed on decision making skills as they would apply to the world of business as well as to one’s personal and career management.


The World of Business: A Canadian Profile , 3rd Edition,
Terry Murphy, Rob Kelly, Roy McMillan, Bob Williams and Jack Wilson
1994, Nelson Canada

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Units and Topics Covered:

TERM #1:

The Business System in Canada:
Value Systems,
The Business Market,
Types of Business

The Economic System:
Economic Systems,
Supply and Demand,
The Economic Cycle,
Government Regulation,
Organized Labour

TERM #2:

The Financial System In Canada:
Monetary Systems
Financial Institutions
The Stock Market

Business Applications:
Marketing Applications
Accounting Applications
Business and the Law

TERM #3:

Money Management,
Consumer Persuasion,
Consumer Protection

The Employment Market:

Career Preparation,
Job Hunting,
Interpersonal Skills,
the Resume, and
the Application Letter

Mark Breakdown:

Category Value
    Homework Assignments
    Class Participation
Total Year: 100%

Course Policies and Guidelines:

Assignments and Projects:

1)All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the assigned day.

2) Late assignments will be penalized 10% per day, up to a maximum of 50%. An Academic Deficiency Form will be sent home after an assignment is two days late. This form is to be signed by a parent and then returned to the H.T.S. office.

3) Extensions on assignment due dates can be granted if the student can present sufficient grounds for an extension at least 48 hours in advance of the deadline.

4) All work must be neat and accurate, typing or word processing of major assignments is strongly encouraged.

5) All borrowed information must be properly documented using an accepted procedure, i.e. footnoting, endnoting, etc. Plagiarism is an offence and will result in an automatic grade of zero for the assignment.

6) Spelling and grammar will be figured into the grade of every written assignment (up to a maximum of 20% of the mark). There is no substitute for a well written paper.

Tests and Exams:

7) All students are expected to write tests on the set date. If a student must miss a test day, then the onus is placed on the student to let me know well in advance, and to arrange for an alternate time to take the test.

8) If the student misses a test day without letting me know in advance, then only a doctor's note can allow the student to make up the test.

9) If the student misses a test and yet is found to be in attendance on the day in question, an automatic zero will be awarded for the test mark.

10) If the student is found to have cheated on a test, an automatic zero will be awarded for the test mark.

Class Work Ethic:

11) Students are expected to be in class and ready to work by the beginning of the period.

12) Participation in class activities and discussions is strongly encouraged and will count towards 10% of the student's term grade.

13) Lateness and missing of days will count against the student's participation mark (up to a maximum of 10% of the term grade).

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