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Grade 9 Introduction to Business
Important Notice

Posted May 3rd:

Note: Beware the year's DEADLINE!

Late assignments will not be accepted after May 28th.

Posted February 6th, 1999:

At this point in time, I would recommend that students print off the Trade Show project checklist. This interactive checklist should help to keep you on track and on schedule for the upcoming Trade Show (March 4th).

Posted November 25th, 1998:

The Kandalore Retreat is coming up on January 11th - 13th. Please take a moment to read up on the details of this Grade 9 Foundations program, print off the Trip Notice and the Parent Agreement Form. This form should be signed and returned to your homeroom teacher.

Posted October 21st, 1998:

Take Our Kids to Work Day is coming up on November 4th. Please take a moment to read up on the details of this national program, print off the Excursion Form and Parent Agreement, and even read comments from students who previously participated in this event.

Posted October 6th, 1998:

Please take a moment to check out the Evaluation Page. The first assignment has been modified. This is now an in-class assignment which incorporates the business project which you will be working on throughout the first and second term. I think you will have a lot of fun with it. We'll talk more about this in class.

Posted August 26th, 1998:

Hello everyone! Welcome to Grade 9 Business! I'm glad you're taking the time to give the web site a thorough examination... something tells me YOU are going to do VERY well this year!

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