BAT4M Accounting
Tests and Assignments

Term #1
Term #2
Term #3



Term #1



Accounting Fundamentals Quiz (Formative)September 8
GAAPs Quiz (Formative)September 10
The Role of Accounting Agencies Presentation (Summative)September 16
Accounting Agencies Quiz (Summative)September 20
Ethical Issues in Accounting Presentation (Summative)October 4 / 6
Units 1 & 2 Test (Summative) October 14
Receivables (Short-term Assets) Quiz (Summative) November 9
Inventory Mastery Review Quiz (Formative) N/A
Inventory Quiz (Summative) December 5
Unit 5 Test (Summative) December 5
Computer Accounting Demonstrations (Summative) December 15

Term #2

Capital Assets Focus Quiz: Intangible Assets (Formative ) In class
Capital Assets Focus Quiz: Amortization (Formative)In class
Capital Assets Focus Quiz: Revisions and Disposals (Formative)In class
Capital Assets Comprehensive Quiz (Formative)In class
Capital Assets Unit Test (Summative) Feb. 10
Partnerships Focus Quiz: General Knowledge (Formative) In class
Partnerships Focus Quiz: Calculations & Transactions (Formative)In class
Partnerships Comprehensive Quiz (Formative) In class
Partnerships Unit Test (Summative) Mar. 7

Term #3

Types of Shares Presentation March 30
Corporations Mastery Review Quizzes (Formative) In class
Corporations Test (Summative) April 17
Types of Bonds Presentation In class
Methods of Financing Quiz (Formative) In class
Methods of Financing Test (Summative) May 1
Investment Project Presentations May 22 / 24

Beware the DEADLINE!

Although marks are not deducted for lateness, assignments will not be accepted after the deadline,
and thus will receive a mark of zero

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